pre and post operative rehabilitation


Physiotherapy assists patients before and after a wide variety of orthopedic surgeries, such as total hip and total knee replacements, lumbar and cervical disc surgeries, fracture repair, and numerous arthroscopic procedures for all joints.  We can help our patients to return to optimal strength, function and mobility after surgery. 

The road to recovery can be long following surgical procedures, however with focused treatment and exercise, patients can reduce recovery time. Rehabilitation is different for each surgery, but normally involves a graduated strengthening program, and specific hands-on techniques to restore correct joint mobility and muscle flexibility.

Working within surgical protocols, we develop focused individual treatment plans and practical goals that aim to restore a normal life and in most cases improve your level of pre surgery strength and fitness.

We can can offer pre and post operative rehabilitation for:
  • Knee surgery, including joint replacement and ACL reconstructions
  • Shoulder and upper limb surgery, including Rotator Cuff Repairs
  • Groin and hip surgery
  • Spinal surgery
  • Foot and ankle surgery

For more information about our operative rehabilitation treatments in Chepstow, please feel free to contact SRC Physio on: 07767 848255 or email: srcphysio@icloud.com

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"Susan and her colleagues at SRC Physio were helpful, professional and friendly and the treatment I received was very effective. The cause of my pain was clearly explained as was each stage of the various types of treatment they used to help me. I was also given exercises to continue doing at home, with diagrams and videos, to help prevent the problem reoccurring. I am happy to recommend them."